Monday, August 2, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We woke up just in time for breakfast and to lay out on the beach for the morning. We didn’t have a place to stay or travel plans off of Koh Samui for the next day, so we set about trying to do that. Due to internet slowness, it was quite frustrating and didn’t make much headway. We figured we’d just catch a ferry to Koh Tao the next morning and find a place once we got there. We played on the beach until after 4, then got ready for our 5pm pick up for the party.

The island’s version of Tuk-Tuk’s are pick-ups with benches and a simple roof over the bed. We joined some others in one of those for the trip to the pier. There was caught a ferry, which was no more than a speedboat and we were off! We were in the front, and I, Laura, sat at the bow trying to absorb all the bumps instead of get hit by them. We met a nice kid from NYC and two Canadian guys. Once we arrived at the island, we entered the party and hung out with the Canadian boys for bit. Full Moon Party is basically a big rave on a beach. One of the more entertaining things early on was the flaming jump ropes! They were giant ropes set fire and people jumped them until they got knocked down. We each did it a few times, and I discovered a new hidden talent of mine! Trey even jumped through a flaming hoop! All in all the first bit was fun. Then the rain started. It was amazing at first to watch the party forming in the rain and the lightning over the ocean in the distance. After many hours, it was wet, sandy, and cold. All along the beach, different bars were blaring music and people were dancing. You could get black light body painting and i got some flowers and Trey got a gecko.

After getting some food and walking around the town, we caught the 1am boat back to Koh Samui. The boat ride back was not quite as fun and the shower when we got back was on of the best I’ve had in a long time! We were asleep in no time.

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