Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

We woke up and headed to the east side to catch our boat for snorkeling. After a quick coffee, the boat showed up and the tour began. Our boat had the local guides, us, a g

roup from Malaysia, Singapore, and a couple from Turkey

. Our first stop was Lohsamah Bay were we could snorkel and look for clown fish. I still am not the hugest snorkeling fan... the idea of touching fish just creeps me out. Trey on the other hand loves it and grabbed bread to bring more fish to him! We then stopped at Viking Cave where about 10 people live and study the swallows that live there. Next we went to the Phleh Bay which is a lagoon you can only access when it’s high tide. It was absolutely stunning with the high cliffs and aqua waters. We swam in there for a little before continuing on. Next stop was Maya Beach, where the movie The Beach was filmed. Neither Trey or I have seen it but we’ll rent it when we get back. We hiked around and took pictures.

We went went to the main Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi Don for lunch and some sight seeing. We walked around looked at dive shops and rooms for rent in case we decided to stay there next. It was a pretty place, but crowed and all tourists. The last stop was open water snorkeling near Hin Klarng. Trey snorkeled for awhile while I watched. The fish are obviously used to the boats and being feed and schools of them stayed close. I got in the water briefly at the end. Some of the people had gotten stung but something, possibly little jellyfish. We did see one huge pink jellyfish go by when we were sitting on the boat. After a snack of watermelon and cake, it was back the Railay Beach. We had them drop us off at Poapang Beach. On our walk back we saw a whole bunch of monkeys playing on the trees along the path. One of them had a whole ear of corn! Trey played tug of war with some of them.

We relaxed at the hotel pool before heading to grab some food. We went back to the Thai Food place and tried some new, really spicy dishes. We met an interesting man from Barcelona originally, who works in neuroscience on creating artificial limbs that we can control with our brain. He also shared Trey’s enthusiasm for every extreme sport and racing. We walked around a little, then headed to sleep.

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