Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We were up before 6 and headed to the train station to catch the 6:30am “tourist train” out to the River Kwai Bridge (built by WWII POWs) and the waterfall at Nan Tok (spelling?) We planned on getting tickets on the train, but the conductor man told us to go by a ticket when we made the first stop at a market. At that stop, they said the train was full and we couldn’t get a ticket. Despite our trying to explain that we already had seats since Bangkok, it didn’t work. Trey found the conductor again and told we didn’t get tickets and he just sold him one! So despite this being touted as the “tourist train” I think we were the only actual tourists, except a group of 4 Japanese tourists. There was a big family in our car that started passing around the whiskey shots by 7:30am. Later, one of the men came over to pose for a picture with Trey! (We think he might have thought Trey was an American solider.) After a stop at the River Kwai bridge where we snacked on ice cream and coffee and saw a baby leopard and tiger, we made it to the waterfall in about 6 hours. Due to little rain, the waterfall was only medium size (as described to us) so we went hiking around instead.

We found a cave that had many shrines inside and the little pond th

at was the water source. We went into the market area across the street and found some awesome banana chips before it was back on the train to Bangkok. There was one stop in Kanchanaburi to see the WWII POW graves, which was interesting and all the stones had English engravings on them. Just before 9pm we pulled back into Bangkok and off to the hotel to sleep before our 6:45am flight to Surat Thani.

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