Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Since no one at the airport would be around to help until 4am, Trey was smart and called Continental. We found another flight that left Bangkok at 7:35am (instead of 6:50) for Narita. The lady on the phone said she could get us on that flight. The only trouble was we had a 90 minute layover previously and this would make the connection even tighter. We dozed on and off and wandered the airport as we waited for the United counter to open. When it finally did, the guy said he couldn’t tell if we were confirmed on the Thai Airlines flight and they would just put us in a hotel in Bangkok and fly us out tomorrow. We said no thanks and waited for the Thai Airlines counter to open at 5am, where we had a most helpful woman who gave us boarding passes!

We relaxed on the flight to Tokyo, got off the plane and saw a woman holding a sign with our name. She told us to run and took off through the terminal. She got us to the front of security and we made it to our connecting flight just in time! We watched lots of movies and napped here and there for 12 hours before landing in Newark. There we had plenty of time, made it through customs and hung out in the Continental Club. We were impressed that our luggage made it after the airport sprint! We got on the last leg of our trip which was a smooth flight to Austin. We were home!

We had a fantastic trip to a beautiful country!!!  Good night!

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