Monday, August 2, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

We woke up early to try and see sunrise on the beach. It was cloudy, but still beautiful. Walking back in town around 7am looking for breakfast, we were talking with some of the taxi guys about trying to see a couple sites we had missed. Two of the motorbike taxi guys made us a good deal, so we climbed on and went zooming about the island. We saw the view point, Grandmother and Grandfather rocks (which are named due to the genitalia they look like), the waterfall, and the big Buddah. The sites were fantastic and it was a much better way to see the island compared to a A/C van with a bunch of other tourists. We were back before 10am, had a little breakfast and headed to the airport.

The Koh Samui airport is owned by Bangkok Air and is the complete opposite of the airport in Bangkok. The lines were short and organized and we had more than an hour to spare. The whole airport is outside and you walk down a promenade with little shops to get to the gates. At the gate area they have a section with free snacks and drinks for anyone. Also, the bathrooms have giant fishtanks! Despite the heat, it was quite relaxing. We took a little propeller plane over to Krabi and tried to find our way to our next hotel on Railay Beach. We both our bus ticket and were all of a sudden dropped off at a pier and asked for more money for the long tail boat. We didn’t realized we had to take a boat to get there! We took the boat and about 20 minutes later arrived at Railay Beach. We walked through the front side to Railay Beach West and found our bungalow for the next couple of nights. We got in the door right before the Heavens opened! Apparently rain here is almost daily.

We relaxed for a few, then grabbed our ponchos and went exploring. The land here is like nothing I’ve ever seen. The cliffs are high and ragged, covered in what looks like stalactites. Apparently it’s some of the best rock climbing in the world here. The tide is also impressive moving a good quarter of a mile in and out each day. We found a bath to get another beach, Paopang. The tide was out, so were able to scramble through a passage that fills up at other times. We stayed for an unbelievable sunset (don’t worry Trey got tons of pictures) before walking back and went to Railay Beach East to look for food and things to do for the next day. We got a recommendation for a place right near our hotel in West and found some boat snorkeling tours.

We ate at a place just called “Thai Food” and the food was incredible. We met a nice couple from San Francisco, Emily and JD, and joined them at the local bar for a drink as well. We also booked a snorkeling tour around the Phi Phi Islands for the next day.

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