Monday, August 2, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

We woke up again just in time to get breakfast. We then began the task of where we were sleeping that night. Apparently, all the ferries were sold out and one of the company wasn’t running it’s afternoon ferry due to mechanical issues. Hmmmm, we were stuck. Trey got a great idea and called the Full Moon Party ferry company we used who had been super helped the day before. After talking with Oscar for awhile, we had a new plan: stay in Chaweng Beach cheaply tonight and tomorrow catch a noon flight to Krabi on the other side of the mainland. We showered, packed, and back into Chaweng we went. We found a cheap 600B night place and went wandering again. After a delicious Thai lunch on the beach, we went back to our massage ladies! This time we did the Thai oil massage. About 10 minutes in, they started cleaning things off the beach for rain was coming. Most of the rest of our massage was outside on covered patio during a monsoon. They cut us a deal and I got a pedicure and Trey and I both got our feet scrubbed. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

We head back to the area around our hotel to find some dinner. An enthusiastic man on the corner convinced us to try his place. The food was amazing on the guy was great! He was from Burma and had moved to Thailand to make more money. He said he had an advanced degree in physics and worked with some professor from California. He told us that people in Burma will sometimes immigrate to Mexico and then try to sneak into the States! Anyhow the meal was fantastic and we wandered a bit more before heading to bed.

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