Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I, Laura, woke up early this morning and relaxed on the porch reading and writing with a cup of tea for about two hours while Trey slept in. It was nice to watch the city below me slowly waking up. We had our breakfast at the hotel, switched rooms, and then went exploring the town. Phuket, and Patong Beach in particular, is a huge tourist town. We have met many Aussies who can fly directly in and out of the Phuket Airport. We stopped in almost every dive shop we passed to for dive site information and pricing. We finally found a shop, ScubaCat, which did liveaboards!  Not to the Similians, which is what we originally hoped for (wrong season :-( ) but to an island called, Racha Yai. It was one night stay, plus meals, and 7 dives, including one night dive. We signed up; pick up was 7:30am the next morning.

We continued our wandering, stopped at a jewelry shop and found a beautiful necklace and bracelet for me (I’m a lucky girl!). We relaxed at the hotel for bit, before heading to the beach briefly. It was a beautiful day so we played at the water’s edge before it was time to get ready for dinner. Les and Deb, from Bangkok, we in Phuket so we met them for dinner and drinks. We had a good meal with great drinks and desserts, including a cute blue drink on the house. We then went to Walking Street, which is almost like 6th street in Austin (but more lady boys!) We stopped for a drink once, and then wandered along the beach road. Deb and I both stopped and bought bathing suits before parting ways to our respective hotels. 

I fell asleep quickly when we got in, making sure to set the alarm with enough time to pack before our diving pick-up.

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  1. Based off of the sun your arrows are pointing north and south. texas is not that way. Even if you go around that way it would be the pacific ocean. I expected better geography skills from the two of you.