Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013: Veligandu

We were up again for sunrise and ice coffee. We had an excursion planned this morning, for the nearby island of Rasdhoo to see a traditional fishing village and souvenir shop. It was a lovely 25 minute boat ride there then a short tour of the island. We weren’t super impressed with this excursion - there was nothing to do but a couple souvenir shops and a coffee shop. We wandered around for a little, then bought a pack of cards and played gin. The trip’s purpose seemed to be for tourists and staff from our island to buy cheap souvenirs and supplies. 

Then it was lunch, a bit of relaxing in our room, then off to snorkel. We got in the water, got flippers and masks on and headed out. Well, as soon as fish starting appearing I, Laura, had a bit of a panic attack. It makes no sense, since diving is not an issue, but there is something about snorkeling that freaks me out. I hung out on the beach while Trey went exploring with the underwater camera. He said there was as much wildlife to see just snorkeling as we did diving. As he came back in, he said to a couple, “Hey! There’s a shark right behind you.” Yep, I’m glad I didn’t go in!

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