Monday, December 16, 2013

December 15, 2013 : Veligandu

Diving day! Again, we woke up before sunrise and headed to the bar for iced coffee, sunrise, and shark watching. The moon sets about an hour before sunrise, so it may be the moonlight that awakens us. 

Then it was off to dive. They informed us when we arrived that we would have a quick check of a couple of skills... Trey is a seasoned diver, I, Laura, still get nervous. We headed out and jumped in the water; as usual, Laura had trouble sinking, but we both passed the check (clearing our masks and retrieving our mouthpiece.) The first dive was quite impressive - we saw close to a dozen sharks and a giant eagle ray. We did, though, spend most of the day handing on to dead coral on the edge of the reef watching the sharks. The visibility was superb and the amount of wildlife is probably the most we’ve ever seen. There were huge school of fish everywhere!
We got back, hydrated, and had lunch before the afternoon dive. This time it was just us and the dive guide. It was a nice leisurely dive through a ton of coral and all different fish. We lasted 60 minutes underwater this time which is the longest we’ve every done a dive together! The dive guide had started to end the dive sooner, but Laura stopped him, showing with her gauges that we could go longer!

We were beat by the end of the day, enjoyed the sunset from our porch, had dinner, and called it a day. 

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