Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 12, 2013: Singapore

We arrived in Singapore around 5:30am and began to explore all the airport had to offer. Singapore airport is quite unique and is trying to reinvent the airport experience. We relaxed in one of the lounges, walked through the butterfly garden, saw the koi pond, saw stores of all types, and even a Texas Chicken restaurant! We read about the pool, but had to check our small suitcase so went to buy new swimsuits. Armed with our new suits and ready to watch the sunrise from a rooftop pool, we set off... only to discover the pool was closed for December and January for renovations!

The next adventure was to catch the two hour bus tour into Singapore. We signed up for the 11:30am trip and piled into a bus along with our tourist from all difference countries. Singapore is an extremely clean and controlled place; the tour guide told us about how housing works, (85% of people live in government apartments and they can move every 5 years), and pointed out various sites. At the first (and only) stop he told everyone they could continue on the bus or they were welcome to go exploring on there on.

Anyone who knows us can probably guess what we did - off we went. We had seen ads about the aquarium which has the largest viewing window in the world and it implied they had whale sharks too. Unfortunately they did not have whale sharks, but the aquarium was impressive. We walked around this little resort island park before heading back into the city center. We caught a taxi to Marina bay home of the Formula-1 start line, a crazy hotel with a boat like structure on the top, and the words largest ferry wheel, the Singapore Flyer. As we neared the top of the Singapore Flyer, it began to pour! The views were gorgeous and by the end we were ready to head back to the airport to catch our final flight to paradise!

After sleeping through takeoff and much of the remaining flight, we landed in Male, the capitol city of the Maldives. We collected our luggage and began the journey to our hotel. Two ferries, one crazy taxi ride dodging motorbikes, and no English on the transportation signs, we arrived on the right island and settled in for the night! Our hotel, the SeaHouse Top Deck, was simple and clean with a fancy shower and friendly staff. We were asleep before our heads hit the pillows!

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