Monday, December 16, 2013

December 14, 2013 : Veligandu

Since our bodies had no idea what time it was, they decided 3:30am was a good time to wake up. We took advantage of it and went about the island taking pictures. The skies were clear and you could see many stars. Trey had looked up how to do night writing, so we had fun playing around with that:

There are 3 sharks in this picture!

We eventually ended up at the bar (it’s 24 hours and the only place open at this hour!) for some iced coffee and sunrise... thus a tradition had started. We took some more gorgeous pictures of sunrise and discovered that between 7am and 8am black tip sharks like to roam within a few feet of the waters edge. We watched them go back and forth and attempted some pictures. 

We spent most of the day relaxing, mostly in our villa. Shutters open in front of the jacuzzi so you can see out to the horizon, and our porch steps go right into the ocean. The amount of wildlife you see just walking to the villas is amazing. We have seen some good sized rays, some sharks, and tons of fish. It’s shallow where the villas are, only about 3 feet deep, but apparently that doesn’t both the sea life! 

We did forget our key once, hence:

The water at sunrise

Before dinner, we stopped at the diving center. We got our equipment and signed up for the morning and afternoon dive on Sunday. Dinner was great - the food here is turning out to be delicious.

Each evening before dinner, we sit on the porch to water the sunset... it’s always breathtaking. 
The world waking up

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